snow reminds me of grated parmesan cheese.  the more of it there is, the happier i am.

this morning i went on a nature exploration, discovering the incredible snow-sand divide.  i’ll post pictures of my excursion, including the angry dog protecting astroland, later tonight.

andy goldsworthy, a sculptor (& inadvertent photographer), goes 20 steps beyond.  he creates beautiful sculptures in nature, of nature, with only nature as his tools + leaves them in the wilderness to exist in their beauty – essentially his muse is time.  fortunately for me, he photographs these creations before walking away forever. i highly recommend his books for the nature lover in your life; specifically andy goldsworthy: a collaboration with nature

to wet your intrigue, he created these with no tools other than those found around him:

ice ball
reflected twigs
leaves in a circle
round rocks

for now, i’m heading back to williamsburg for part2 of artists & fleas