super mario 4-ever

while visiting my parents, i came across an old favorite: game boy. you couldn’t imagine my delight when i switched the brick to ‘on’ and that familiar song began.  my attention span would not carry me to the end of level one, but tomorrow is a new day! aaand segue: nendo sounds a bit like nintendo. while, yes i really do have my game boy right here, nendo is the true treat.  this japanese power house creates  beautiful utilitarian devices + that is where genius lies – using creativity to marry necessary with unnecessary.
i love the elegant cabbage chair. interactive furniture = fabulous.

cabbage chair

no borscht here

nendo also created adorable talking soy sauce containers, which i believe were on sale at moma?



and lastly, my dear, the clever way to keep cords from tripping pesky guests? more antlers!



something about stark white really does it for me. nendo love equal to or greater than mario love?