robert bosch is a fan of history and lover of integer programming.  he creates incredible portraits using strictly full domino sets.  waste not, want not. for educators, he even provides thorough step-by-step instructions in pdf format.  he details # of sets, where to find black with white dots, board to mount on, method to divide a classroom by + then some. pdf plans are available for barack obama, abraham lincoln, martin luther king jr, the statue of liberty and the mona lisa.

domino effect

domino effect

at the state of the black union event in february of 2008, senator cleo fields said this famed remark:

Rosa Parks sat down so we could stand up. Martin Luther King marched so Jesse Jackson could run. Jesse Jackson ran so Obama could win.

which has since been incorrectly credited to jay-z.  i am so grateful that martin marched.  happy martin luther king jr monday