yesterday i sat next to a sleeping smelly man with no luck when i went to an aiga presentation at the apple store: featuring damien correll and garrett morin {pre-requisite to speaking at such events: at least one of your names must have 2 sets of repeated same letter continuously. (uh excessively verbose.)}  it was an impressive turn out.  2/5 of rad mountain, as they are, discussed methods + inspiration (a ton of 60’s books and british children’s television).  what i most gained from the 90 min talk was the importance of in-camera or pre-production.  instead of applying a cast shadow effect in photoshop, they actually raise their creations on cello -or something- and photograph it that way. clever. old skool. good stuff.

anyway, am looking forward february 11 for design remixed: tina roth eisenberg (aka swissmiss) same store, hopefully minus poor seating judgement on my part.