finally! my mysteries are resolved, judith supine is one answer.  in june of 2007 i fell in love with his street art in the lower east side and east village.  the combination of neon colors (evoking that highlighter-lover in me) and illustration/pen style was fresh and beautiful to my tired eyes.

l.e.s. church

l.e.s. church

truth be told, i probably snapped that photo en route to doughnut plant.  at last, i am finally able to put a name to the art.  which, admittedly, took entirely too long seeing as he signed the ear intestine.  either way, here is a youtube of judith in action:

another les street artist i came to admire is deuce 7

les church (right image)

thanks gothamist, even though i should have better read the sig. oh + thanks to lost at e minor too.