first+foremost, i did not realize that time is not published on my blog – therefore you probably don’t feel THAT bad for me for having slept 4am-7am.  wah wah big baby yeah yeah. Moving ON! to christoph niemann!

niemann creates whimsical illustrations with a wonderful balance of playfulness and wit.


binary NaCl

after finally making my first trip to fairway in red hook yesterday, i particularly appreciate his schematic cheat sheet for grocery shopping there with a fussy toddler:

dodge fuji apple pyramid

avoid fuji apple pyramid

neimann has a series of personal nyc cheat sheets on and this series is part of a larger blogging series that he is participating in.  yesterday’s theme was i lego n.y. and below are my favorite images:




if i’ve wet your appetite, he has also blogged bright tiling ideas and a coffee narrative.  the coffee imagery is reflective of suspect + fugitive – fleeting medium to create self-reflective art.