naturally lit

in may of 2004 the city dedicated >$190mil to renovating the sprawling coney island – stillwell ave subway terminal.  in addition to an arcade with room for shops and the police, robert wilson was responsible for an artistic contribution.  according to nyt, wilson is most widely known as “a towering figure in the world of experimental theater and an explorer in the uses of time and space onstage.  transcending theatrical convention, he draws in other performance and graphic arts”.  the  300-foot long glass block wall mural intentionally faces east, utilizing the sun’s power to highlight wilson’s work.  turns out the solar panel roof is not the only eco-responsible element to this last stop.


silk screened glass

natural rays capture scenes from decades of coney island history.  for more information on the great length it took choosing glass that is not easily vandilized and also appropriate for bright reproduction, check out pittsburgh corning‘s account.

i implied juicier and i mislead. my apologies, but happy coney tuesday!