lately i have been obsessed with hair.  not the musical + certainly not random loose strands  – illustrated, photographed, silk-screened hair, as artwork and as fashion.

katherina $20 print

katherina $20 print available on etsy

is it the repeating lines? is it similar to the late mitch hedberg’s feelings towards rice? Rice is great if you’re really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something [substitute eat with admire + hungry with . . .] i can’t quite put my finger on the interest but something about it draws me in. perhaps my delight comes from a ’07 bangkok purchase, this Playhound by Greyhound T:

etc. etc. etc.

please forgive the lack of pre-photographry ironing

last weekend at the DUMBO pop-up, species by the thousands had sleeveless sweatshirt tops with silk screened braids printed on back.  i admired them from across the room and found their e-shop over on supermarket

braid back tunic

braid back tunic

there’s something very gorey about it all [maybe just the ink]  obviously this fascination is not to me alone – there is an entire blog devoted to hipster girls in mustaches.  and mustaches are nothing if they are not hair.

going for a hair cut tomorrow . . .