brighton beach ave

brighton beach babushka

brighton beach: the slavic neighborhood due east of coney island.  home to national + primorski (if you click- expect dance vibes)

thanks to the 1878 contest, this beach town was named for evoking the resort calm of brighton, england.  it was not until the 20’s when b.b. was re-developed as the dense residential community we know today [thanks wiki]  the 1950’s brought with it second generation americans, born to concentration camp survivors.  between 1970 and today the area has seen a different kind of jewish immigrant – those who left the former soviet union with stronger ties to russia and ukraine than to religion [thanks communism].  after the collpase of the ussr, georgians and non-jewish immigrants took advantage of the established russian-speaking community and flocked there as well.

so? this history accounts for an eclectic mix of babushky and dedushky, women in their thirties with purple or orange hair, blonde babies not speaking a lick of english + tons of fur.

if you have never been to brighton beach – it is the equivalent of chinatown. the signs are unreadable [tips: г = G sound (like greek gama), п = P sound (like greek pi) ш = SH sound (like hebrew shin) + that’s your brief introduction to the cyrillic alphabet]  satisfy any meat pie or caviar cravings here.  take the B train to Brighton Beach + you’ll be set.