presto! change-o!

presto! chango!

justin gargasz makes transformable clothing.
blogs above report it.
my coney mimics the 3-in-1 via hypertext.

“Individuals feel the need to escape interactions in their environment everyday. Whether it be interactions with excessive technology or other people, this psychological and physical need to get away is where I began my investigation.”

gargasz has made it as easy as pb&j to disappear into the forrest – carry your tent as your coat + if it’s too hot for jackets, wear that tent coat as a sling-pack.

reversible too!

reversible too!

once in nature, set up is simple: find a tree [or equally strong and unmoving alternate], anchor tent there + insert stakes in 4 corners. voila!

it may be small and cozy, but it’s nothing if not utilitarian.  made of cordura, vessel is durable + stable.  in these economic times, this is serious value.