Firefighters were called at 8:44 a.m. on Saturday, and had the blaze out by 10:35. Three firefighters suffered minor injuries.” awful reports this weekend regarding Totonno’s Coney Island location – an iconic pizzeria since 1924.  as the story goes, Anthony ‘Totonno’ Pero worked for Gennaro Lombardi at his famed spring st establishment. once the subway extended to CI, Totonno left little italy and created what had been “the oldest continuously operating pizzeria in the U.S.  run by the same family.” will Totonno’s update their claim to fame?

neptune ave savior

neptune ave

It’s pretty bad. It’s a lot of damage. I have to redo the oven, because the water got into the bricks” tells Louise ‘Cookie’ Ciminieri [somehow nicknames have softened since the 20’s]  not to fret: “Thumbs up! . . . I promise you, it’ll be the same exact pizza” [thank gawd]  & that’s a coney tuesday everybody!