this saturday night you can dance, drink or channel your jenny lewis obsession via the wizard

Webstar Hall

webstar hall

at least that’s what i’m hoping cut&paste: Digital Design Tournament 2009 will offer.
i’m dreaming of huge screens, extreme enthusiasm and blatant geekery. i’ve not attended one before so i’m wishing for  more than a bunch of wacom tablets lined up. [i.e. commentary a la john moschitta jr]

[wordpress is jerky and won’t allow me to embed this relevent vimeo video]

competing categories include: 2dimension, 3d and motion graphics.  this nyc tournament has contestants who have completed 2 elimination rounds and are aiming towards dream goal:  june championship! [also hosted in nyc: birthplace of cut&paste]

$15 online / $20 cash-only door
4-ticket bulk: $54 ($13.5 ea)
8-ticket group: $96 ($12 ea)
<aka let me know if you have interest and i’ll grab a suite of tix>

21+only. webster hall (11th st) saturday march 21. doors @ 6:30pm.  7 = showtime.

& for the homebound, atleast they set up a webcast.