by mummy sam

murray by mummysam

i am not bashful; there are simply not enough words to describe why i find modern handmade plush toys so sophisticated and appealing.

reminiscing over the non-descript gloworm and wall of available cabbage patch kids at t.r.u – everything was everywhere and everyone had it.  at 8 years old, this defined cool: to have the same doll as your friends had but with hair color matching to your own.

by ashley anna brown

fern animal by ashley anna brown

welcome to the resurgence of hand-crafted, thoughtful toys and i welcome you to my adoration.

chubbikin by erin ellis

chubbikin by erin ellis

internet shopping does not offer everything (i think? i hate absolutes – all of them), but it is a fantastic outlet for artists, and resource for buyers, looking to support handwork, tradition, and creativity.  these characters may not be traditionally ‘useful’ purchases, but with modern day spirits in a rut – they are certainly an uplifting alternative to another grey sweater.

several similar online shops offer plush toys – these three happen to have been found on etsy.