several years ago, i received an e-mail asking if i would like to drop my pants in the name of comedy.  at first read – it didn’t seem overtly amusing.  however, if you are familiar with improv everywhere – you are already in on the joke.  for the others: each winter, improv everywhere stages The No Pants! Subway Rides, perplexing tourists and locals alike.  the name says it all but the link has pictures.

they regularly conduct hilarious stunts – the most recent of which, was a study in Dadaism:

23rd st uptown platform

23rd st uptown platform

an art exhibition opening was held on a chelsea subway platform.  it came complete with bar, coat check, cellist & placards detailing common subway objects:

Repository: #289 in a series of 2,000 (2005)
Metropolitan Transit Authority
Inspired by permanent art installations in metropolitan underground transit systems around the world, the artists recreates the subtle yet insistent timbre o those “Trash Receptacles” here.  This clearly ironic reinterpretation of a predetermined location for waste disposal plays on the tropes of idealism in opposition to expediency.

on the heels of much poster boy hype – this is another relevant approach to the evolving definition of art.