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the last day of march (31) @ the bell house, a rock and roll extravaganza!  proceeds –go—to–> Save Coney Island: a grassroots organization committed to preserving the spirit of CI

$12 now / $15 door / $30 VIP (free Save Coney Island tee shirt and gift bag)

also Lola’s pushin’ a petition + she has got the gusto so i’ve copied + pasted. yeah, you heard me:

Save Coney Island is a grassroots community organization committed to the preservation of the spirit of Coney Island through the revitalization of the Coney Island amusement district. Save Coney Island supports development in Coney Island but it must be the right kind of development; a development that will both benefit the Coney Island community and protect the neighborhood’s historic amusement district, ensuring that both can achieve their full potential.

Unfortunately, the City’s plan, as it currently stands, would be a disaster for Coney Island. It would permanently diminish the amusement district, introducing high-rises of up to 30 stories in its very heart, threatening historic structures and leaving only a narrow nine-acre strip for amusements. Land that is not zoned for amusements will be lost to amusements forever.

Join us as we rally to prevent the implementation of the city’s inadequate plan for Coney Island! This is a historic opportunity to help SAVE CONEY ISLAND!!!