the cyclone re-opens for the season sunday april 5 at noon + the first 100 people ride free!



thanks to having been declared a national landmark, the coney island cyclone is not going anywhere.  it’s parked on 12th st between surf ave and boardwalk – residing on city property zoned for parks (read: thor equities can’t touch it)

this is a serious roller coaster – it is exhilarating: the drops are steep, the speed is fast – don’t let looks fool you; it’s old, it’s rickety and it’s frightening (and apparently once deadly).

$8 for the first ride and advertised $5 for a re-ride. although based on my personal experience, if you deny the first re-ride option, a second and third await you – at discounted prices.  the further out the door you head – the more steep the price drop.  $4!  $3! they shout as you continue out onto the vacant streets of coney island -after all, astroland is now gone- so that’s my insider’s tip: decline first chance to re-ride + save yourself some washingtons.

i’ve only had the pleasure of riding the cyclone once.  at 19 years old, richard rodriguez set a marathon record for riding it 104 hours – back in 1977.  his most recent record for the longest marathon on a roller coaster (pepsi max big one) is 401 hours – that is practically 17 days. 1977 was a long time ago, and i think i may have 5 days to spare to break the WORLD RECORD – who’s with me?

thanks kinetic carnival