don’t let their drab website fool you, kinokuniya bookstores have the most wonderful array of design magazines, art books, manga, dvds, cds, darling office supplies, beautiful fabrics, stunning note cards and more and more and more – mostly of japanese origin – almost entirely of japanese aesthetic.  yesterday, i revisited their 3-story shop located across bryant park.

showcasing a glorious variety of craft books – in english and japanese – the basement overflows with inspirational ideas.  the bottom floor also displays a colorful assortment of tchotchkes.  something about all kinokuniya bookstores make me wish i were a 3rd grader, on the hunt for a special pencil box, perfect folder, one-of-a-kind eraser + glitter gel finger protectors to put on pencils (you know?)   on most visits, i pick up a japanese fashion magazine or fabric gift card – but not yesterday.  when i spotted this little piggy i could not walk away.



at no more than an inch tall and under $5, his sweetness grabbed me.  his functionality made me it final – this petite pink plastic porker poops pencil! it’s true – press his nose + ta-da!

funcitonal to boot.

work horse to boot.

it’s often emphasized how important your work space need be – particularly to encourage creativity.  i’m pleased with my piglet and ever in love with japanese design.  also, i’ve completely taken you on a tangent.  the main floor of kinokuniya features novels – american bestsellers alongside japanese authors like haruki murakami. the second floor is home to anime and cafe zaiya, a japanese style pastry and sandwich shop.  if their cooper square outpost is any testament – the food will not disappoint.

in conclusion, if tokyo is just 10 too many thousands of km away – kinokuniya = decent respite