Untitled, 2003 - Paper Plates, Glue

Untitled, 2003 - paper plates + glue

using mass manufactured materials to form beautifully organic topography, tara donovan sculpts with repetition.  her installations are acclaimed as a devotion to technique: using one object repeatedly – often approaching millions in count – donovan invites us to reconsider the configuration of common objects.

Nebulous, 2002 - Scotch Tape

Nebulous, 2002 - scotch tape

Nebulous, 2002 - Detail

Nebulous, 2002 - detail

the fluidity and beauty both within and surrounding Nebulous + Untitled [pictured above + below] are astonishing given the medium.  the sheer quantity of materials paired with an architectural vision, construct stunning biomorphic forms.

at an early age, i pledged my allegiance to mother earth by vowing to never use styrofoam cups – despite potential dehydration.  it is therefore with muddled admiration that i call this next work *favorite*

Untitled, 2003 - Styrofoam Cups, Hot Glue

Untitled, 2003 - styrofoam cups, hot glue

Ace Gallery Los Angeles, 2005

Ace Gallery, los angeles

simultaneously modern and timeless, the cups flow and take shape of a bleached inverted underwater world – or the terrain of uncharted galaxies

Untitled, 2003 (Detail)

Untitled, 2003 - detail

Ace Gallery New York

Ace Gallery, new york

last year, her show at the met was extended three times and visited by nearly 335,000 visitors.  as a 2008  macarthur fellow, i look forward to donovan’s second solo exhibition scheduled for spring of this year.