shredded A

shredded A via swiss-miss

typefaces as we know them have more or less been created in the same practice from the first type foundries of the 1450’s to their demise in the 1970’s.  because linotype <metal> was the leading cost-effective method, there was not much variance in terms of ornamentation.  to create dynamic text, designers were limited to difference in serifs/sans – italics – bold.  when the photographic technology known as phototypesetting came about – 2 very important differences set it apart: with this innovation, both type size and kerning were easily adjustable without casting new letters forms.  the next breakthrough in font design was -of course- the 1980’s digital boom.  now fonts are created using materials varying from knits to edibles to poo



character, a finnish company – takes old shop signs and reconfigures the wiring to create individual letter lamps.  if chico’s brand holds a special place in your heart – pick up the ‘c’ from character’s shop for 150€

recycled typography by character

S : Smart Design

there are scores of good and bad new type designed daily.  personally, i tend to be a traditionalist – i truly love futura.  and helvetica.  sadly though i have yet to see the film.  might be reason to <re>join netflix. and finally – are you older than your favorite font?

some of our most + least favorite font time line

1757: Baskerville
1798: Bodoni
1858: Bookman
1924: Futura
1931: Times New Roman
1948: Palatino
1952: Optima
1955: Courier
1957: Helvetica
1982: Arial, Papyrus
1991 : Century Gothic
1993: Georgia
1994: Comic Sans