orefield, pennsylvania

orefield, pennsylvania

i lucked out – growing up by shankweiler’s drive-in (the oldest in the united states – as well as the first to feature audio broadcast in FM) outdoor movie watching was not the rare luxury it became after moving away.

fortunately, nyc knows how to adapt & even without the car – film viewing en plein air is just as lovely as ever.

tonight, rooftop films presents No Impact Man in williamsburg on the lawn of the automotive high school with a free beer after-party! from going.com:

7:30: Eco Carnival: A celebration of environmentally-friendly activities, including bike blenders, raffles, prizes, and Sound Fix presents live music by The Hungry March Band.
9:00PM: Film
11:30PM-1:00AM: After-party: Open Bar at Matchless
Tickets: $9 at the door or online at going.com

although nothing can quite compare to sitting in on your car for a double feature evening . . .

brooklyn vegan has an awesome consolidated schedule by location
nycgov has the movies sorted by date – perfect

plus, we still get the pre-flick cartoons