interested parties in the matryoshka swap from a post in may please shoot over an e-mail – we have a few left!  (reminder below)

i have six blank nesting dolls . . . each with 5 different sized dolls.  i would like to organize an artistic swap.  6 interested participants would receive one set of nesting dolls to decorate as they please – they would send this completed set back to me <i would cover shipment to you and you would cover shipment back to me> then in return for your work, you will receive a set of 5 dolls – each family member decorated by a different person.  that is to say if picasso, chagall, close, giacometti & arbus participated – arbus would decorate/design/what-have-you her 5 piece set and in turn receive a set that featured picasso, chagall, close & giacometti.  i know this will be a great project!

e-mail and let creativity flow