remember gallery hanahou?  their upcoming show before + after looks like awesome.  “ossu! shugeibu, translated into english as yo! crafting club, is fueled by a mix of testosterone and pure creativity uninhibited by rules or conventions. using repurposed materials and freestyle techniques, founder and president shoichi ishizawa inspires his myriad club members – men and women who have participated in his workshops – to create surprising craft art without any prior experience in the traditional crafts.”

Ossu! Shugeibu = Yo! Crafting Club

shoichi ishizawa's genius

on the agenda . . .

1st : opening party on wednesday, october 14, 7-9 pm, to meet shoichi ishizawa + participate in a group craft project!

2nd : workshop led by ishizawa saturday, october 17, 1-4 pm.  there, you can craft your own walking-talking robogurumi robotic dog for $29.99

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ishizawa and his club members shun rules but live and craft by these:

  • don’t over-think it
  • don’t plan it
  • don’t use a pattern
  • don’t measure
  • don’t use pins
  • don’t have perfect stitches
  • don’t compare projects