dressing as some variety of lady gaga is not an option.  yet you can still represent relevant pop culture this weekend by dressing as anna paquin//true blood’s sookie stackhouse <balloon boy is also not ok despite vomit as prop> HBO + amazon both sell the Merlotte’s t-shirt but as timing is now an issue – make your own: white Hanes + green sharpie = done.


vampire bill ready

pictured above is an elegant necklace suggesting blood droplets.  but go ahead, pull out a red sharpie instead – or buy fake blood at ricky’s.  snag a waitres apron + practice your southern accent. lastly, buy fangs for the love interest and you are set!

not into the vampire trend?  these ipod earphones are a cute couples idea <if you want to take off from work tomorrow and immerse yourself in craft project mayhem> or follow the cool hunter and make a wicked mask – ‘what are you’ is so elementary school anyway.