wood clock

my first suck uk crush came via the wood clock.  i couldn’t rationalize the price tag so i bought some $25 *less-than* version, which flashes time + date with no option to sit still.  the cheap knock off left me pretty unsatisfied.

digit // pixel

months later, i found perfect DIY packaging tape – created by the same genius team

large + small rolls available

outfitted with black sharpie equivalent, i set out to place words + emoticons on every surface

for beginners + advanced

perhaps knowing this growing fascination with suck uk products <or maybe kismet>, my brother gifted me their clever origami sticky notes.  create a list + then a swan.

battery included

for subtle ambiance lighting, this little light is so compact + simple: like a high school craft project, but better.


the teddy bear lamp is something i cannot settle on.  cool or creepers?  poised in a child’s room *might* cause nightmares.

HB #2

whimsy creations seem to be suck uk’s specialty – hiring tweens to do the brainstorming, i’m certain <— conjecture.  injecting fun into the classroom

trash stash

+ chores at home.

fog be warned

groggy mornings – scram!


so what if i’m smitten?

<pictured : drumstick pencils, pet goldfish bin bags, wiper mirror + colour changing umbrella>