today, gmail launches a special postcard promotion: select one of 6 designs, write a personalized message <255 characters> + google will send it off for you – in the mail, for real.  think of grandma who is not quite facebook hip – or grandpop who still uses dial-up and rarely turns the damn machine on.  what a great idea to connect with loved ones without computers! <kind of>


of the six designs to choose from, i am partially biased towards 5 specifically <featured here>


care to guess why?

diy dreidel

because, yay! i designed them!


really so very excited to <finally> share this project with you !  the snowflake was an especially fun time to design and cut out . . . and photograph with various backdrops

paper cut-out

so click on over, but careful pickins’ : you get just one complimentary <to be mailed within the usa>.  after that, postcards are available for print – though postage is then your responsibility.

thanks google!