for a while now, i’ve wanted to scavenge local thrift stores and create an upcycled throw from unwanted wool sweaters.  to be totally honest, i teeter along the line of skeeved out and eco-mindful.  thankfully chicagowillie offers incredible step-by-step instructions, including washing with extra hot water! (adios germs, sorry mother earth – is this net zero?)  but really, why does a wool knit elicit so much anxiety when i certainly don’t mind generic hotel sheets nor used t-shirts (is cotton less odor absorbent?)  hmmm, one for the shrink.  anyway follow these 4 blog posts + make one of your own!

1: Sweater Felting Tools and Supplies
2: Choosing Sweaters
3: Washing + Cutting
4: Design Development

thanks for the direction chicago willie 🙂