drats. in prototype form only

two duvets rest on my bed, each with its own dirty little secret : used covers.  one is an army green canvas-like material from my brother, and worse – a white cotton with black chinese characters scatter printed from my mother.  i’m not proud of this.  at first (read: 1 year 5 months ago) i didn’t mind; slowly i want my bed to represent me – i can’t explain why, but i want it to reflect my aesthetic.  and so the hunt began for a new duvet.

available only in russia – as far as i can tell

IKEA : LUSY $24.99 for queen - certainly most affordable

urban mandala by cb2

but i think i would like to go in the organic direction . . . i think.

amenity duvet from velocity

marimekko lovin #1

marimekko lovin #2

marimekko lovin #3

marimekko why you so good?

part of me is drawn to stark white – perhaps hotel reminiscent

organic pleated from west elm

they are each beautiful.  and i suppose, since i do have 2 duvets, 2 new duvet covers is not outlandish.

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