it’s true – those decorative balls of puff have an N at the end – wiki says.  they are great for party decor, gift embellishment or cat toys <i think, i have a dog – don’t listen to me>
here’s a simple a tutorial from kid craft central

compass (or 2 varied sizes circular items to trace)


1.  from the cardboard, cut 2 doughnut shapes (using the compass or varied sized circles) ideal dimensions:  5cm outer diameter, 2cm inner – centered.  place the doughnut shaped cardboard pieces on top of one another.

2.  with manageable length wool/yarn, begin wrapping the cardboard fully around so that it is no longer visible.  when tying pieces together, make sure the knot falls along the perimeter, not on top of the cardboard’s flat surface.

3.  once you have done this with several layers, cut the string around the edge by putting your scissor blades between the two pieces of cardboard and cut.

4.  wrap one piece of yarn between the two cardboard pieces – around all strings, directly in their folds;  tie tightly.

5.  remove cardboard & trip any strands that are too long.