hello intimacy, i’d like to share my bathroom with you.

a card we received for our wedding (thanks hot potato!) framed in a t.j. maxx find, alongside forma’s suction cup clock! perfect for teeny bathrooms – and strategically placed — i can check if i’m late while brushing my teeth or washing my hair

i’d been advised to keep toothbrushes as far away from the toilet as possible — apparently flushing releases nasty particles into the air + while i’m not a complete germaphobe, this is just one of those things.  the porcelain vase is an old cb2 purchase where buds used to fit nicely, but i like my oral-B taking residence instead (also, my toothbrush is too chubby for the antiquated toothbrush holding porcelain piece that came attached to the tile)

last, but perhaps most useful, of the utilitarian additions to my very small bathroom is the overhead shelf.  placed just over the door and also out of site – i store my 3 T’s: towels, toilet paper and tissues in this otherwise unused and unnoticed space — the brackets are intended to be reversed but work just fine in their upside-down positions.  would love to see and hear what you made of your small space!