if you haven’t yet tasted a french macaron (not to be confused with overly sweet coconut passover macaroon), i’m sorry.  these delectable sanwich-like-cookies pack so much flavor, moisture + punch – they are like secret french treasure troves.  not just taste and texture (buttercream center, what) but macarons are so gosh darn pretty too!  i’ve rounded up some macaron inspired favorites to get your palette watering.  and once you decide it’s time to taste the magic, my favorite bisous, ciao just opened at 101 stanton st so you are in luck! bon appétit!

goat's milk soap - almond scented

chocolate macaron pendant charm

spicy chorizo macaron / chicago grub street tip

porcelain macaron plates and napkins // areaware

mini faux macaron plate

watercolor notecards 4 for $6.50

macaron pops by bakerella

zazzle stamp

felted rainbow

adorable mini macarons in box

nike air royal macaron pack launch party

vinyl decals by tania et vincent

set of 6 macaron place card holders

sweet tooth happy? (click on images for more info) and nommsss away!

espresso / the only edible macaron on this page