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now that i’m a proud dog mama, she’s taken over my life. i’ve had her less than one week and embarassed to admit, she still has no name!  Also, I am attending the National Stationery Show tomorrow and was browsing Hannah of Pie Bird Press ‘s blog <she’s @ the show>

oh boy

now let’s bring the two together – she has posted an entry titled ‘Extreme!‘ where some of her favorite found Creative Grooming images are highlighted.  Go on, click it – and laugh.

erin jang’s blog is awesome.

erin jang’s work is awesome





as assistant art director for esquire magazine, jang creates playful montages -consisting of images throughout the issue- to be used as table of contents graphics.  she also designs modern [like hipster collage, not like boxy stark] customized wedding invitations.  i highly recommend scoping out her web.log for inspiration + razzle dazzle.