coney tuesday

for my joe o’ the day i chose a coney tuesday friendly joe, 68 dogs in 12 minutes: the champ


joey is ranked as the number one competitive eater in the WORLD by the international federation of competitive eating – some accomplishment.  generally, i despise disrespecting food <cough adam richman man vs. food> in abundance, but somehow the hot dog eating contest has always amused me . . . exceptions are allowed, right?  chestnut trains by fasting and stretching his stomach with gallons of milk, water and protein supplements – ick.

for more on the #1 eater:
i.f.o.c.e. eater profile
forbes article


although this is not directly related to coney island, usa – it has a freak show element and seems appropriate to have found a home on a tuesday

tooth tattoo

so you want simon cowell on the inside of your mouth? no problem! have the tooth artists from sandy, utah make a crown!  a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  the website names this a white collar tattoo, and i like that description.   now i need to decide if i’d choose cheek side or tongue side – just how private would my molar be – or rather the art on my molar.  hmmmm

image via gladiola bean flickr

taking a little break


coney by canstruction

aluminum cans were the only items used to create this cyclone, wonder wheel + parachute jump

from the sda website :

Canstruction® is an international charity competition where architects, engineers, contractors and students they mentor, compete to design and build giant structures made entirely from full cans of food. At the close of the competition all of the food from the New York City competition [was] donated to City Harvest


coney island banner artist, marie roberts, will be holding an open studio this coming weekend, dec 12-13, from her special place on the second floor of coney island USA.  visit with this 3rd generation coney islander from 1pm – 4pm @ 1208 surf ave (@ W12)

i think i see her through the window

does her work look familiar?  cake boss fan?  the banners were made sugary by buddy – watch the ep here & don’t skip ahead, the major league eaters cake is even better phenom

<more open studio info @ amusing the zillion>

and if you are so inspired to make a banner of your own – don’t head to pearl paint just yet, consider her banner painting workshop in march, first


pretty remarkable that an 8th grader could live on the ny subway system for 11 days with one hamilton, chips, snack cake and a jug of water.  francisco hernandez – who has asperger’s syndrome – did not want to return home to bensonhurst after he skipped school.  despite security cameras and picture posters – the boy was not found until today, by a transit cop who recognized the boy at the coney island stillwell stop.  morale: don’t take your cell phone battery out when you’re alone.  happy coney tuesday

coney island is back in new york’s control, hoorah!  after too many negotiations, excessive evictions and a sad summer season, the city and developer joe sitt finally reached an agreement last week.  mayor bloomberg, i can’t wait for next year!

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