purl is an adorable shop – in, as the url suggests, soho – with gorgeous fabrics, wonderful classes and a first rate blog!  two recently posted tutorials have really sparked my interest; i can’t wait to make and share them with you

the first project is inspired by traditional hawaiian quilts.  the part of me that loves tessellations, repeated patterns and even numbers has certainly been drawn to this kaleidoscope-like aesthetic.  as i’ve said a thousand times, mixing an age old technique with a modern twist is where the magic lives — and in this case, enlarging the pattern to fit a floor pillow breathes new air into an outdated design.  plus, purl’s vibrant + w-i-d-e wool felt by the yard gives the pillows pictured some added pizzaz (yep pizzaz)

second crafty-maky thing (only technical terms here) : the dopp kit.  when my college boyfriend referred to his toiletry bag as a *dopp kit* i thought it was part of his creative speak (he brought ‘geri’ into my life and i’m still using it)  turns out, this one has a wikipedia page and other people use the term too.  generally, i shy away from zippers.  i think, thanks to the dopp kit, it’s time to conquer my irrational fear, find a sweet fabric + make the zipper my friend.

aw, cute handle! (remember when screen names were referred to as handles by middle-aged poeple? stupid.) if you have any experience with zippers, felt, or purl – let me know, sharing = caring.

things i like:
1.  details
2. hidden treasures
3. personalization
4. travel
5. maps
6. crafts
7. free projects
8. google

fortunately, map envelope .com combines each of those elements!
type in location + sentiment, preview, print, fold + tape or glue

BAM! pretend to send mail from Tokyo – or even better, prep for the cross country drive with a handful of landmarks and cities in your supply.  cool.  tres cool

what i’m workin’ on today

rock on baby

love fun family portraits 🙂 i can’t wait to share photos when it’s printed on canvas!

for a while now, i’ve wanted to scavenge local thrift stores and create an upcycled throw from unwanted wool sweaters.  to be totally honest, i teeter along the line of skeeved out and eco-mindful.  thankfully chicagowillie offers incredible step-by-step instructions, including washing with extra hot water! (adios germs, sorry mother earth – is this net zero?)  but really, why does a wool knit elicit so much anxiety when i certainly don’t mind generic hotel sheets nor used t-shirts (is cotton less odor absorbent?)  hmmm, one for the shrink.  anyway follow these 4 blog posts + make one of your own!

1: Sweater Felting Tools and Supplies
2: Choosing Sweaters
3: Washing + Cutting
4: Design Development

thanks for the direction chicago willie 🙂

drakes quilt

this beautiful amy sullivan quilt really touches my heart especially in the bottom row – where the squares begin and end seemingly by their own spontaenous will.  so balanced and yet so playful – love d*s for the tip. can’t wait to get back to the sewing machine and try out some movement of my own.

thanks to wee wonderfuls’ hillary lang – i stitched up two sweet little gifts for a new baby.  here are the simple steps:

-1- download free pattern

-2- transfer design onto fabric – my secret is using the computer monitor as a lightbox – no need to print out // saves trees too

-3- choose your yarns (in my opinoin, limited colors work nicely: 3 per doll)


french knot embellishment

-4- embroider using varied stitches to maximize interest in the details

– 5- pin embroidered design to decorative fabric – wrong faces touching each other <or right sides: either way works>


oh how i heart gingher scissors

– 6- cut around your embroidery with plenty of extra fabric to spare


i added eyewear to personalize the dolls + match baby's parents glasses

-7- face right sides together and stitch leaving a gap to turn inside out and fill

-8- make dolls rightside-out and stuff <i used bamboo based stuffing>. be sure to use plenty!

-9- stitch opening shut with matching thread to front or back



-10- test dolls out with play


getting acquainted

if i make these again, i’ll add a pocket to the back – kids love tiny spots to place things . . . i think.


backing fabric

check out more of lang’s designs for inspiration + get creative!


bear + bunny

accent embroidery quite sweet

a very cute idea on noshii who found it @ two straight lines.  sundays are nice for blog hopping

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