the use of blank space to the right of the Q& T makes this shelf.   incredible // aakkoset by kayiwa

comfort food for me is: buttery salty noodles with parmesan cheese. i can go through a box of this in less than a day, and typically – less than a few hours.  normally i bulk grate my cheese in the food processor – but this little guy is too cute !

he’d definitely have me hand grating fresh. (found on design boom / scratch my back)

kickstarter is a kicka$s website that helps small businesses earn investors – lots of them with small contributions as opposed to one with a huge donation.

a personal inspiration, design glut, has set up a kickstarter page + is offering pre-order of limited edition necklaces as a vehicle to fund their creativity

i love the clever chain usage

pre-order these and more here.  go on, support small design duo liz kinnmark + kegan fisher.  small businesses are rad, women run businesses are fab and small women run businesses are my favorite !

i like this nik mirus image.

the best pizza i’ve ever tasted (every one handmade by the same man for 45 years)

a beautiful tale. (thanks charisma)


if you know me, you know that i LOVE cards.  i hoard them – when MoMA is having a sale of any kind, i pick up cards – i make cards, i send cards i am a card freakatic (fanatic to the freak degree) so when burger announced their new hannukah cards, i was elated.

then i checked ’em out — turns out this is the only real hannukah card.  one has reindeer (not a jewish thing) another has santa (also not jewish) and the last has a woman riding a dreidel – the woman is a cowgirl (not stereotypically jewish + too pornographic to send to grandma) nice try jon burgerman, 1/4 isn’t so bad.

woah – woah – woah.  lots of practice, one take.

director: greg jardin

dear hollerado, please recreate on tour?  tks.