i am proud.

after entirely too much time spent vacillating over this book shelf or that one – scouring IKEA, crate & barrel, cb2, west elm, vintage stores, you name it. . . (yes, i admit: i am one of those people always searching for the *perfect* solution + have a challenging time settling on the first thing i come across, even if it is *best*) i made my own.  with some bonus time on my hands, the DIY route felt right.  thanks to design*sponge + apartment therapy, i gained confidence plus inspiration.

my process: (1) measured the space, (2) had wood cut to size (the home depot in manhattan doesn’t do this, but most others do). fortunately the HD in my parents’ neighborhood has super friendly staff (FUBKLYN) and a very patient gentleman offered tips on securing the unit to the wall with the thin strips below the shelves — they are fastened to studs. (3) sanding – i put ar to work here: the repetitive motion of guitar strumming seemed to be great experience for 8 boards needing a once over [plus i hate sanding like i hate nail filing boards ::shivers:: ]

(4) STAINING IS HARD and this comes from an art major experienced with paints of different compositions.  not the best stain job, but good enough (5) cut 2 holes in the bottom 2 shelves to allow for tv cables (6) assembly !  in between the boards are plumbing materials : threaded pipes, flanges, nipples [insert awkward punch line from my trip to home depot]

all in all, she came out to be pretty sturdy [fingers*crossed] of course if i could do it all again, i would have the pipe cut to size and threaded, because i don’t totally love the blank space above the tv – but for a first go at furniture, i’m really really happy with it.  next i’d like to make a small box to house our records below the receiver.  ideally, the speakers wouldn’t rest on the floor – but it’s a manhattan apartment, it is what it is.

thar she is ! (though i take no credit for the uneven floorboard and tilted speaker)


4 pieces of 12″ wood cut to length

4 pieces of 2″ wood cut to length

16 screws to attach the pieces of wood to one another

12 screws to go through wood into stud

16 pluming flanges

8 threaded pipes in various sizes

64 screws to secure flanges to wood

+special thanks to brothers gibson for the person tips!

hello intimacy, i’d like to share my bathroom with you.

a card we received for our wedding (thanks hot potato!) framed in a t.j. maxx find, alongside forma’s suction cup clock! perfect for teeny bathrooms – and strategically placed — i can check if i’m late while brushing my teeth or washing my hair

i’d been advised to keep toothbrushes as far away from the toilet as possible — apparently flushing releases nasty particles into the air + while i’m not a complete germaphobe, this is just one of those things.  the porcelain vase is an old cb2 purchase where buds used to fit nicely, but i like my oral-B taking residence instead (also, my toothbrush is too chubby for the antiquated toothbrush holding porcelain piece that came attached to the tile)

last, but perhaps most useful, of the utilitarian additions to my very small bathroom is the overhead shelf.  placed just over the door and also out of site – i store my 3 T’s: towels, toilet paper and tissues in this otherwise unused and unnoticed space — the brackets are intended to be reversed but work just fine in their upside-down positions.  would love to see and hear what you made of your small space!