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hiya peoples.   what i’ve been up to:

+ i moved.  i still have coney island ties (studio space) but live back in manhattan, in a very teeny tiny apartment and i ❤ my neighborhood!  i’ve done some crafty things to spruce the place up, but still have so much left to do in terms of decorating and organizing.  i’m excited to share photos of the bathroom soon.

+ i purged.  when i packed up my belongings in brooklyn, i tossed a ton of things & donated even more.  then once i paid the movers for 35+ boxes and saw them filling up the <300 sq.ft. space, i dumped even more.  after 3 weeks and one box still left unpacked, i asked myself ‘i haven’t missed those items thus far, is it even worth sorting through?’ that box did get some tlc and most of it was trash or charity.  ** i highly recommend this exercise! if you ignore something for 1month, 6months, 1year, it might be ok to de-clutter** turns out, less really is more (ahhhhh)

+ my little dark secret is that i’m a fashion harlot.  i used to feel ashamed (so fickle! so meaningless!) but i’ve come to embrace it and started a tocar.tumblr in celebration

+ morning mantra.  after reading ten benefits to rising early, i took away a daily dalai lama morning meditation ‘today I am fortunate to have woken up, I am alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others, to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings, I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others, I am going to benefit others as much as I can.’

and with that, i look forward to sharing more colorful posts soon! xoxo

i found this vintage coney island pic on my new favorite blog: hot child in the city and it is the happiness

thursdays seaside summer concert series has been listed on the official site: + i didn’t think anything could beat last year’s blondie or hall & oates – but 2010 has promise . . .

july 15 neil sedaka, brenda lee
july 22 the beach boys happy together tour 25th anniversary feat. mickey dolenze
july 29 george thorogood & the destroyers w/southside johnny & the asbury jukes
aug 5 john legend
aug 12 aretha franklin

all concerts are FREE and held at asser levy / seaside park @ w5th & surf ave between coney island + brighton beach.  ride the train to awesome outdoor beachside loveliness

saturday was perfect for merpeople, rides, cyclones opening game @ mcu park + fireworks!
last year’s drizzle did not damper the parade and this year, with a high pushing 90, crowds were just as sticky + enthusiastic

fortunately i know a certain rooftop to be super breezy + viewed the marchers sweat-free

though i found last year‘s viewpoint to be equally exciting, crowds can be so intense on cement

many marching jellyfish publicly wished harm on bp + well for their inspiration in the gulf
and then i met these guys, and the day was complete.

100 years later – coney will again boast a LUNA PARK!  modeled after the originals of 1903, an italian amusement maker, valerio ferrari,  is adding 19 new rides to coney island this summer (with more promised each year)  highlights include a giant pendulum, teacups, log flume, surfboard stimulator and roller coaster named Tickler!

read more @NYDailyNews

having been away from coney for several days, i conveniently missed the awful storm that passed through it <well i felt it where i was, but no comparison> upon my return, i noticed the denny’s ice cream sign + figured they were revamping it for summer season.  on the boardwalk, plenty of vendors paint over old signs to freshen up + make as vibrant as possible.

unfortunately for denny, this was not the case – that is water damage.  and to the left, the awning from the coney island museum is busted.  these damages <and more from the neighborhood> have been cataloged on the coney island usa message board. oy.