saturday was perfect for merpeople, rides, cyclones opening game @ mcu park + fireworks!
last year’s drizzle did not damper the parade and this year, with a high pushing 90, crowds were just as sticky + enthusiastic

fortunately i know a certain rooftop to be super breezy + viewed the marchers sweat-free

though i found last year‘s viewpoint to be equally exciting, crowds can be so intense on cement

many marching jellyfish publicly wished harm on bp + well for their inspiration in the gulf
and then i met these guys, and the day was complete.


if i weren’t STILL!! on crutches, i’d have photographed coney in the incredible snow storm (like last year) – plus new addition of my dog in snow.  black dog + white fluff would have been pretty great.  but: shoulda/woulda/coulda right? instead i’ll admire hugh crawford‘s image from otbkb

i love how timeless + serene it is. ahh vicarious livin’

for my joe o’ the day i chose a coney tuesday friendly joe, 68 dogs in 12 minutes: the champ


joey is ranked as the number one competitive eater in the WORLD by the international federation of competitive eating – some accomplishment.  generally, i despise disrespecting food <cough adam richman man vs. food> in abundance, but somehow the hot dog eating contest has always amused me . . . exceptions are allowed, right?  chestnut trains by fasting and stretching his stomach with gallons of milk, water and protein supplements – ick.

for more on the #1 eater:
i.f.o.c.e. eater profile
forbes article

coney island banner artist, marie roberts, will be holding an open studio this coming weekend, dec 12-13, from her special place on the second floor of coney island USA.  visit with this 3rd generation coney islander from 1pm – 4pm @ 1208 surf ave (@ W12)

i think i see her through the window

does her work look familiar?  cake boss fan?  the banners were made sugary by buddy – watch the ep here & don’t skip ahead, the major league eaters cake is even better phenom

<more open studio info @ amusing the zillion>

and if you are so inspired to make a banner of your own – don’t head to pearl paint just yet, consider her banner painting workshop in march, first

first and second and awesome:

from a very unofficial new york mets fan site

from a very unofficial new york mets fan site

(1) the brooklyn cyclones <mets affiliate> opening game is this friday, june 19 @7pm.   up against the staten island yankees, this evening is bound to be a fantastic time.  best part of the cyclones’ site is first FAQ: I live in the area. Can I try out for the Cyclones? interesting concept: location playing a role in drafting athletes

another entertaining cyclones bit from wiki:

In 2006, the team introduced a new unnamed mascot: a blow-up “ZOOperstars” type pelican. Despite a contest to name the character, it was never given an official name. Fans were not entertained by the pelican which has not made an appearance since the 2006 season.

suppose we’re left with sandy the seagull and pee-wee

(2) friday also marks the official kick-off to fireworks season in coney island. ka-pow!
<fireworks can be purchased just across the NJ/PA border>

(3) mermaid parade! 2pm saturday the 20th.
this is the nation’s largest art parade and one of new york’s finest spectacles.

from wiki:

from Jo Weldons flickr photostream

thnx Jo Weldon's flickr photostream

The parade pays homage to the tradition of the Coney Island Mardi Gras parades of the very early 20th century, when Coney Island was at its zenith as the primary amusement destination for the great majority of the inhabitants of New York City.
The Mermaid parade is well-known for extraordinary marine costumes, and for the occasional partial nudity. (This is not as surprising as it may sound, because it is legal in New York State for women to be topless in public, as long as this is not part of a business venture.) The parade is however very much a family event . . .

legal to be topless in public? can a lawyer comment please?

the coney island usa website boasts king neptune as harvey keitel + his queen mermaid daphna; also special appearances by the uptown string band from the philadelphia mummers parade + recording artists they might be giants on a float.  what i am looking forward to most of all is monster truck ‘blue thunder’ performing a parade prelude!

so come on down to coney island this weekend for mascots, tnt + pasties

lola staar’s dreamland roller rink opens for another season with a summer spectacular party on may23.   winner of tommy hilfiger’s 2008 ‘live your dream’ contest, activist dianna carlin launched her vision thanks to his & co-sponsor<glamour magazine>’s generosity.  the initial plan was one night of skating bliss – but the public’s response was so positive and overwhelming that carlin<staar> vowed to keep at it + here we are one year later, still rolling.  the rink is located in the childs restaurant building on 21st + the boardwalk.  the landmark has stood tall for over 80 years but had been closed to the public for the better part of the last decade.

building detail

ornate building detail

childs restaurant building 2009

childs restaurant building 2009

amazing what a fragrance promotional campaign can accomplish.  come check it out!

Flashdance Skate Party- Grand Opening Spectatular!!
May 23rd!! 7-12PM!!
$12 / $10 (reduced)
$5 Skate Rentals

the annual village voice siren festival has shared it’s initial 2009 line-up.  set-list-listed:  built to spill, the raveonettes, frightened rabbit, grand duchy, monotonix, micachu + the shapes with more to come.  i’m hoping my favorite mexican truck will be back in time -love me those grilled corn on the cob with cheese and hot spices -arriba arriba andale andale

see you <pl> saturday july 18.
always free, always hot, always all day.  captured this image last year :


< note that the amusements pictured have since been replaced with thor's flea by the sea >

p.s. go eat some guac for me, k? thanks.