100 years later – coney will again boast a LUNA PARK!  modeled after the originals of 1903, an italian amusement maker, valerio ferrari,  is adding 19 new rides to coney island this summer (with more promised each year)  highlights include a giant pendulum, teacups, log flume, surfboard stimulator and roller coaster named Tickler!

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woohoo deno vourderis! the 28 year old, 3rd generation family owner of the wonder wheel will be taking his personal mindful eco-friendly energy efficient principals to the family business.  this summer, vourderis plans to use solar panels on the 16 swinging cars <8 stationery cars will remain bare for now>  “I really only need a sunny day every other day or every third day to run the lights,” he tells the daily news.

initially, the solar energy will be used to have a light in each panelled car – something only recently removed, in the 1980s, because the electrical wiring concerned vourderis.  if all goes as planned, next summer he hopes to install more panels – running the entire ride with thanks to the sun!  i can’t wait for summa

from daily news 2008

from daily news 2008

tomorrow is international park(ing) day (re-claiming car resting spots for pedestrians)!  registration is long closed but check out the nyc map for location nearest you.  get inspired and think about participating next year!