i had the sincere and super pleasure of illustrating another wedding gift this last month (Hi October!)  the couple’s reception was held at the newly designed Minneapolis Public Library:

+ with thanks to the groom’s awesome sister, who gave me the inspiration and a great selection of large jpgs (small jpgs = more challenging portraits), we came up with an illustration that matched their aesthetic, celebrated the occasion, and was visually engaging, all-in-one !

i loved, LOVED, loved  working on this canvas!  the couple looks so giddy, head-over-heels sweetness – it was a ton of fun to draw! i took a quick snapshot of the final piece before sending it off.

i ❤ weddings


positive feedback makes me so smiley! ❤ prismpop

this brilliant hybrid map of pork + the bay area would be great for a meat lover transplant to san francisco (click to enlarge)

i guess i’m on a meat kick lately . . . probably because i would *like* to turn vegetarian but i find it super challenging (due to my picky-eater-problem-extraordinaire).  that’s a lazy excuse, i know it.

prints by drywell (art by alyson)

if you haven’t yet tasted a french macaron (not to be confused with overly sweet coconut passover macaroon), i’m sorry.  these delectable sanwich-like-cookies pack so much flavor, moisture + punch – they are like secret french treasure troves.  not just taste and texture (buttercream center, what) but macarons are so gosh darn pretty too!  i’ve rounded up some macaron inspired favorites to get your palette watering.  and once you decide it’s time to taste the magic, my favorite bisous, ciao just opened at 101 stanton st so you are in luck! bon appétit!

goat's milk soap - almond scented

chocolate macaron pendant charm

spicy chorizo macaron / chicago grub street tip

porcelain macaron plates and napkins // areaware

mini faux macaron plate

watercolor notecards 4 for $6.50

macaron pops by bakerella

zazzle stamp

felted rainbow

adorable mini macarons in box

nike air royal macaron pack launch party

vinyl decals by tania et vincent

set of 6 macaron place card holders

sweet tooth happy? (click on images for more info) and nommsss away!

espresso / the only edible macaron on this page

cool cuffs.  choose from new york, berlin, manchester + 3 different colors (glass green, smokey translucent grey, peace dove grey) by wonderhaus: jewellery by julia roy-williams

beautiful flash o spiral necklace: neon + muted gray duet highlighted by hard plastic + soft satin.  i like what’s coming out of manchester and want to see moreo

in college i took physics // science majors for a few years.  i love numbers and equations and problems that have very specific non-negotiable answers. anyway, you get it – i<3 science

this original paper cut quote is so beautiful.  buy it on etsy

yay! happy to find [via google analytics] that the ETSY wedding blog has featured my custom canvas portrait in their wedding gift guide.  i am touched, thank you ❤