copied + pasted b/c things have been a little nutso but this is too cool not to share:

Embracing Geatano Pesce

A major component of our 2010 holiday exhibition is the presentation of important (and large) new work by the indefatigable Gaetano Pesce. L’Abbraccio (the embrace) stands over eight feet high and with its doors fully extended, reaches over ten feet in width. The figures themselves are familiar to anyone who knows Pesce’s work, but it’s rare for him to work in wood. The cabinet, both joyous and tender, is beautifully made and is a commanding presence in the gallery. It’s the centerpiece of an important new collection that Pesce has designed for Italian furniture maker La Fablier and this is the first example ever to be produced. Open or closed, it’s impossible not to respond to L’Abbraccio.

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