japan = fashion forward

hermès = beautiful

hermès in japan = genius

stunning installation by tokujin yoshioka on view through 19 jan 2010 <via designboom>

only 100 units

colors drawn from the kore ja nai robo toy, this camera reminds me of a jealous fit over my little brother’s five story ghostbusters fire station – why does he get the cool techy toys and me dolls? suddenly i am ten years old.  this color combination goes for $880 @ pentax – and if you are not lucky enough to be one of 100, don’t fret – it comes in 100 solid vibrant colors too

pentax k-x SLR

<via cyana trend land>

ceramic pigs

japanese artist masahiro mori was born in saga prefecture – coincidentally the same birthplace as japanese porcelain.  he is credited for radically transforming and redesigning the japense tabletop, for elevating the global perception of japanese design from cheap to valuable and for creating sleak porcelain ceramics.  more of his pieces, including the iconic hakusan g-type soy sauce dispenser are available for purchase @ unica home

several years ago in hong kong, i came across what i then dubbed ‘best cutesy little camera’ – the ikimono mini camera came in several color/animal combinations and utilized 110 film. i loved how light and compact this camera was – easy to bring along <key chain attachment>, this camera would never be too cumbersome to have on hand.  plus despite being a japanese export, i am a sucker for slavic characters – the branding was genius.  >>ff>> now meet my pal zumi!

Superheadz Digital Harinezumi

digital harinezumi

travel+leisure revealed [to me via KT] the incredible superheadz update!  not only does it have the same adorable animal logo – but this digital version can shoot silent super 8 style films <up to 2 hours>!  i sympathize with t+l’s lyndsey matthews: i love my diana but processing film in nyc = $$$$.  plus, medium format stuff is sensitive and less than 20 shots/roll.  nothing will replace film : obviously.  nothing will replace my SLR : no duh.  but the zumi would be a nice little brother.  now the question is: go with black hedgehog, or limited edition white kitty?


digital buchineko

available for pre-order from photojojo, freestyle and probably others.