my younger brother, jason [the original *entrepenager*], has several accomplishments under his belt, with one very special achievement standing out.  CAMP PALS is a yearly weeklong sleepover summer camp for young adults with down syndrome, run on volunteer spirit and leadership.  each year the camp expands in numbers (16 to >100) and fun – making lasting memories and friends unlike any other experience.  i feel lucky to be associated by blood and contribution, designing last year’s and this year’s logos.  in keeping with the original design, a comic sans-ish style was in order.  the t-shirts and camp turned out great + i can’t wait to see what comes of next year!

donations (of any amount, $1 = great!) are super appreciated + well utilized  -or- vote for the pepsi refresh grant (free to you, 25k to them)


100 years later – coney will again boast a LUNA PARK!  modeled after the originals of 1903, an italian amusement maker, valerio ferrari,  is adding 19 new rides to coney island this summer (with more promised each year)  highlights include a giant pendulum, teacups, log flume, surfboard stimulator and roller coaster named Tickler!

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