these necklaces are pretty.


silver pearl strand jesus necklace / tom binns

but out of my price range


girl thing necklace / tom binns

i’ll have to browse 41 perry st for more



copied + pasted b/c things have been a little nutso but this is too cool not to share:

Embracing Geatano Pesce

A major component of our 2010 holiday exhibition is the presentation of important (and large) new work by the indefatigable Gaetano Pesce. L’Abbraccio (the embrace) stands over eight feet high and with its doors fully extended, reaches over ten feet in width. The figures themselves are familiar to anyone who knows Pesce’s work, but it’s rare for him to work in wood. The cabinet, both joyous and tender, is beautifully made and is a commanding presence in the gallery. It’s the centerpiece of an important new collection that Pesce has designed for Italian furniture maker La Fablier and this is the first example ever to be produced. Open or closed, it’s impossible not to respond to L’Abbraccio.

some of us lamp // gaetano pesce


oh baby

campane di campana bell 1968 coccinelle

campane di campana bell 1968 fumetti

no question that these mouth-blown bells are beautiful. $10k burning a hole in your art budget?

coccinelle (ladybugs)

coccinelle (ladybugs)

rane (frogs)

rane (frogs)



available (as most beautiful things are) from MOSS

AF1 by Maharam


100% wool beautifully woven in italy – embroidered in germany – engineered in china: this shoe racked up quite a few airline miles.  known as layers, the textile was conceived by the maharam design studio in collaboration with hella jongerius to evoke ‘industrial craft’ meaning sophisticated and modern machinery paired with traditional quilting ideas and artisanal hand-cut patterning.  layers, is included in the collections of MoMA, Art Institute of Chicago + Copper-Hewitt.  desire it to for your own collection?

$250 kicks are available @  moss

as a long time fan of Moss designs, i am on their mailing list (no big deal, typically i drool on the keyboard, it’s cool)

i even went so far as requesting this ‘you can’t lay down your memories. chest of drawers‘on my wedding registry, which my sister-in-law promised to buy for me . . .

moss online

Chaquira sculpture Pris $900

but today this little face appeared in my inbox and now i want her instead. i don’t know much about mexican doll heads. but i know about blonde hair and sparkle.