my paper crane

i first found my paper crane when i first discovered the renegade craft fair. one woman show heidi kenney won me over with plush tampons and a seafoam green toilet (not dissimilar from chairy) check out her etsy shop and awesome plush dandelions in her flickr.  turns out she specializes in cute – not just plush but edible too.

candy mice

cherries, hershey kisses + almonds = cute! eyes!

owl cupcakes

YES a reason to buy double stuffed oreos!

cat cupcakes

+ not just sweets – veggies are cute with eyes too

mice potatoes

do i need a child or party or excuse to make food with a face?

some moments i despise shopping and others, like now –thanks to loads of advertising dollars– i want to do it reallyBADLY!  fortunately for several upcoming sale + ooak opportunities, this and next weekends, my desires shall be fulfilled!

handmade porcelain

i’m hoping for a unique piece o’china from KleinReid’s cash-only annual holiday sample sale 12/5 noon to 6pm + 12/6 noon to 4pm @ 135 w 26 (6/7) buzzer #16  <thanks MUG>

oh yes

as a proud member of The {New New} i cannot wait for this weekend’s handmade cavalcade!  think renegade craft fair, but local and therefore more relevant and more satisfying.

rodarte for target

although target will not officially carry their rodarte line until the 20th, 5 pieces <the sequin ribcage dress ($49.99), the black halter dress ($39.99), the coral slipdress ($39.99), + two bow belts ($12.99 each)> will be available pre-wrapped at the 3 day pop-up shop: target to go : 12/11 – 12/13, 10am to 8pm at gansevoort + washington = by the highline entrance <thanks nymag>


a book release party @ desert island brooklyn

540 Metropolitan Ave

gabrielle bell and ariel schrag: authors of cecil and jordan in new york and likewise, respectively.

i think i just repeated the content of the poster.

let’s celebrate graphic novels! cool! thanks MUG

banksy, poster boy, os gemeos, invader . . . just a few street artists offering up their talents for all to enjoy at no cost.  enter google maps.

street art locator seems to be in it’s preliminary stages [read: not much nyc content] but just as twitter was the first to break news of a plane in the hudson, it’s up to us – the people! – to make this site worthwhile for visitors and those with interest.

if graffiti isn’t your thing, here is an nyc public sculpture map.  similar concept, but just one source: MUG.  i hope to check out group of four trees soon

Dubuffet, Chase Manhattan Plaza

Dubuffet, Chase Manhattan Plaza