nothing rekindles a love like distance — having moved back to manhattan from brooklyn about a month ago, i’m constantly appreciating pieces of the city i never before paid much attention to.

james maher shares his passion for the big apple through photography.  check ’em out


necklaces, scarves, statement pieces — call them what you will, i am in love.

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100 years later – coney will again boast a LUNA PARK!  modeled after the originals of 1903, an italian amusement maker, valerio ferrari,  is adding 19 new rides to coney island this summer (with more promised each year)  highlights include a giant pendulum, teacups, log flume, surfboard stimulator and roller coaster named Tickler!

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if i were to chose my tops from all of the rios clementi hale studioscity plates, i would select two from collection #2 : culture and capital(ism) and two from # 3 : capital migration


from notNeutral

st. petersburg <for my mother’s birthplace + home to my all.time.favorite museum, kunstkamera>,  washington DC <because 4 years living there was nice + also plenty>, new york <because 6 years living here is far from plenty> and las vegas <because>

each porceliain plate is boxed with key to the spaces highlighted included. $50 @ notNeutral