i like these things

porcelain squirrel lamp $138.00

hand carved bone owl & mouse tape measure $98.00

check out more @ michele varian .com


although this is not directly related to coney island, usa – it has a freak show element and seems appropriate to have found a home on a tuesday

tooth tattoo

so you want simon cowell on the inside of your mouth? no problem! have the tooth artists from sandy, utah make a crown!  a.m.a.z.i.n.g.  the website names this a white collar tattoo, and i like that description.   now i need to decide if i’d choose cheek side or tongue side – just how private would my molar be – or rather the art on my molar.  hmmmm

some moments i despise shopping and others, like now –thanks to loads of advertising dollars– i want to do it reallyBADLY!  fortunately for several upcoming sale + ooak opportunities, this and next weekends, my desires shall be fulfilled!

handmade porcelain

i’m hoping for a unique piece o’china from KleinReid’s cash-only annual holiday sample sale 12/5 noon to 6pm + 12/6 noon to 4pm @ 135 w 26 (6/7) buzzer #16  <thanks MUG>

oh yes

as a proud member of The {New New} i cannot wait for this weekend’s handmade cavalcade!  think renegade craft fair, but local and therefore more relevant and more satisfying.

rodarte for target

although target will not officially carry their rodarte line until the 20th, 5 pieces <the sequin ribcage dress ($49.99), the black halter dress ($39.99), the coral slipdress ($39.99), + two bow belts ($12.99 each)> will be available pre-wrapped at the 3 day pop-up shop: target to go : 12/11 – 12/13, 10am to 8pm at gansevoort + washington = by the highline entrance <thanks nymag>

ceramic pigs

japanese artist masahiro mori was born in saga prefecture – coincidentally the same birthplace as japanese porcelain.  he is credited for radically transforming and redesigning the japense tabletop, for elevating the global perception of japanese design from cheap to valuable and for creating sleak porcelain ceramics.  more of his pieces, including the iconic hakusan g-type soy sauce dispenser are available for purchase @ unica home