saturday was perfect for merpeople, rides, cyclones opening game @ mcu park + fireworks!
last year’s drizzle did not damper the parade and this year, with a high pushing 90, crowds were just as sticky + enthusiastic

fortunately i know a certain rooftop to be super breezy + viewed the marchers sweat-free

though i found last year‘s viewpoint to be equally exciting, crowds can be so intense on cement

many marching jellyfish publicly wished harm on bp + well for their inspiration in the gulf
and then i met these guys, and the day was complete.


coney island banner artist, marie roberts, will be holding an open studio this coming weekend, dec 12-13, from her special place on the second floor of coney island USA.  visit with this 3rd generation coney islander from 1pm – 4pm @ 1208 surf ave (@ W12)

i think i see her through the window

does her work look familiar?  cake boss fan?  the banners were made sugary by buddy – watch the ep here & don’t skip ahead, the major league eaters cake is even better phenom

<more open studio info @ amusing the zillion>

and if you are so inspired to make a banner of your own – don’t head to pearl paint just yet, consider her banner painting workshop in march, first

surf ave

surf ave