get it nationwide – in malls or in soho, i like this u.o. stuff

i think of you in colors that don’t exist $38

embossed coke glass $5


houndstooth: a classic pattern + personal favorite

urban outfitter’s wallpaper stencil is on sale from $45.00 to $14.99 i particularly love the style pictured above, with double – offset spray.  this dramatic look would be nice in a small space, like nyc bathroom small.  or singular spray would be awesome across an entire wall in subtle hues (like cream on eggshell) two bits of inspiration from the interwebz :

refined wallpaper from h&d and super t-shirt, for the true tooth luvah <via houndstooth! blogpost>

meow to my inbox

this came as an e-mail promoting urban outfittter’s sale.  photoshop tricks are special.

available in 25 colors

absolutely adore this reasonable way to incorporate lady g’s fashion into my own life.  buy it from yokoo on etsy . . . and while you are there, check out these wonderful bags – can’t decide on blue or brown. such talent – love the styling ❤ yokoo!

the new england tote

the new england tote

the nottingham tote

yokoo // uo collaboration on its way

uo e-mail blast

uo e-mail blast

urban outfitters spam reminds me a little bit of my alphabet – if i may be slightly narcissistic . . . fine fine theirs is more coherent – a successful typeface.  ❤ gold/yellow collab