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woah – woah – woah.  lots of practice, one take.

director: greg jardin

dear hollerado, please recreate on tour?  tks.

little girl

os gemeos

i was first introduced to the brilliant work of os gemeos (twins in portuguese) at tokion’s creativity now conference several years ago.  identical twin brothers otavio and gustavo pandolfo are the masterminds behind playful spray-painted figures popularized on the streets of san paulo.  if you have been to coney island, one of their incredible murals illuminates stillwell ave directly across the street from the subway terminal.

os gemeos are celebrated for their lighthearted approach to street art: their work elevates graffiti beyond vandalism and they receive deep praise and attention as a result.

kelburn castle

kelburn castle

despite having been painted in 2007, the graffiti project on kelburn castle has been receiving much press recently.  located near fairlie, north ayrshire, scotland, this castle is thought to be the oldest* in scotland *to have been continuously inhabited by the same family (kind of like totonno’s modifiers) when the graffiti project learned of necessary renovations – the concrete exterior must soon be replaced – owners teamed up with os gemeos to make the most of this interim period with a remarkable opportunity: use the castle as a temporary canvas.

chacateristic yellow-skinned characters

chacateristic yellow-skinned characters



there was no shortage of imagination – this undertaking perfectly reflects their style: attention to detail, bright color palette, playful nature. check out this flickr set for more photos. or the youtube vid for a 5min 45sec recap.

os gemeos? eu te amo ❤

roof view