if i could be anywhere today, i’d be in greece looking like this:


marc by marc


necklace, blouse + boots





pretty in burgundy -and- tan

oh erin boot, i love you

3.1 phillip lim + miu miu

i want to wear these pretty pieces with velvet stirrups

some moments i despise shopping and others, like now –thanks to loads of advertising dollars– i want to do it reallyBADLY!  fortunately for several upcoming sale + ooak opportunities, this and next weekends, my desires shall be fulfilled!

handmade porcelain

i’m hoping for a unique piece o’china from KleinReid’s cash-only annual holiday sample sale 12/5 noon to 6pm + 12/6 noon to 4pm @ 135 w 26 (6/7) buzzer #16  <thanks MUG>

oh yes

as a proud member of The {New New} i cannot wait for this weekend’s handmade cavalcade!  think renegade craft fair, but local and therefore more relevant and more satisfying.

rodarte for target

although target will not officially carry their rodarte line until the 20th, 5 pieces <the sequin ribcage dress ($49.99), the black halter dress ($39.99), the coral slipdress ($39.99), + two bow belts ($12.99 each)> will be available pre-wrapped at the 3 day pop-up shop: target to go : 12/11 – 12/13, 10am to 8pm at gansevoort + washington = by the highline entrance <thanks nymag>

available in 25 colors

absolutely adore this reasonable way to incorporate lady g’s fashion into my own life.  buy it from yokoo on etsy . . . and while you are there, check out these wonderful bags – can’t decide on blue or brown. such talent – love the styling ❤ yokoo!

the new england tote

the new england tote

the nottingham tote

yokoo // uo collaboration on its way

mademoiselle yulia introduced me to her favorite designers – which are quickly climing my best list.  her taste is impecable: thanks yules.  first up is Kokon to Zai // KTZ with sasha b <sasko besovski> behind the threads creating playful ensembles in bold prints <click to enlarge>

KTZ prints


an incredible S09 collection <yeps i’m 365 days behind> has fantastic styling even still <a testament to talent> + i adore the painted faces : bubbly festival feeling with sophisticated fade

KTZ face paint


more images from last year’s collection @ fashionisto.   second artist introduction also features vibrant prints + similar in many ways to mj’s latest african inspired collection is jeremy scott <woo pratt!>



again, very playful in tone – telephones dance within a really pretty silhouette



i have been hunting the google images webworld because i swear marc jacobs did a mickey/grunge look for his first line – this feels like a nod to that except i can’t find a single photo <help?>  on top of good taste, yulia’s jewelry line is fab – sure glad i found her

GIZA cuff

GIZA cuff

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